Nutraceuticals Companies in India

Nutraceuticals Companies in India

  • Nutraceuticals are food or food products that provide health and medical benefits.
  • Nutraceutical food products are isolated or purified from foods.
  • The objective is for nutraceuticals to treat, protect, and prevent chronic disease in the human body.
  • Nutraceutical products range from isolated nutrients, dietary supplements, genetically engineered foods, herbal products and processed foods.
  • The purpose of nutraceuticals manufacturing is that chemical components, which are derived from plants, foods and microbial sources, play an important role in the link between food and health.
  • Research has shown that these chemical compounds are often very effective that are found in foods.
  • It is these components, not flavor or nutritional value that proffer the body with medicinal benefits for long-term health.

What Assistance is provided by Nutraceuticals?

  • Nutraceuticals is considered to be part of the alternative medical field.
  • Like a broad umbrella it encompasses any product derived from food sources that provide extra health benefits.
  • Nutraceutical products claim to prevent chronic diseases and improve any individual’s life.
  • In addition, some products are offering ways to delay the aging process and increase life expectancy.
  • Variety of products is available on the market today and that is subject to minimal regulation over the nutraceutical label on products.
  • Nutraceutical foods are not subject to the same testing as pharmaceutical drugs.
  • Some of the examples of nutraceuticals are antioxidants, proboitics, phytochemicals, botanicals, herbal extracts and much more.
  • Overall nutraceuticals can be broken down into four categories: dietary supplements, functional foods, medical foods and farmaceuticals.

Dietary Supplements – The Most Ideal Nutraceuticals

  • Dietary supplements are probably the most well known nutraceuticals and most used.
  • These are products that are inclusive of nutrients derived from food products that are intended to supplement the diet of an individual.
  • And these dietary supplements are consumed by mouth in a liquid, tablet, capsule, soft gels, or powders.
  • Variety of nutrients is there like vitamins, minerals, herbs, botanicals, amino acids, enzymes, and metabolites.
  • Dietary supplements do not have to be approved by the US Food and Drug Admininstration hence it is hard to determine the exact amounts of nutrients within each product.

Potential Health Benefits

  • Over the years, nutraceuticals have attracted considerable interest from people due to their potential nutritional, safety and therapeutic effects.
  • They could have a role in plenty of biological processes, inclusive of antioxidant defenses, cell proliferation, gene expression, and safeguarding of mitochondrial integrity.
  • Hence neutraceuticals may be brought into usage for the improvement of health, prevent chronic diseases, postpone the aging process, or are just supportive to the functions and integrity of the body.
  • Considerably, they are the healthy sources for prevention of life threatening diseases like diabetes, renal and gastrointestinal disorders, as well as diverse infections.
  • Wide range of nutraceuticals shows up towards imposition of crucial roles in the immune status and susceptibility to certain diseases states.
  • Also they exhibit diseases, modifying indications in relation to stress that is oxidative including allergy, Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular diseases, cancer eye conditions, Parkinson’s diseases and obesity.

Top Nutraceutical Manufacturers in India

  • Healthscot is a premier and top nutraceutical manufacturer in India.
  • Nutraceutical products are in great use for the specific dietary management of diverse diseases and health problems.
  • We have begun our journey in the world of pharmaceuticals with a mission to serve the best herbal medicines in all over India.
  • Nutraceutical products are even known as medicinally or nutritionally functional foods.
  • The demand for medicinal foods is increasing day by day in order to treat diverse disorders that are having a nutritional association.

If you are the one to launch a new nutraceutical products in the market and looking for the paramount nutraceutical manufacturing company in India then you can join hands with Healthscot. For further assistance, you can contact us at our given contact number(s) or you can send us your queries at our given email address.

What are Nutraceutical Manufacturers?

  • Nutraceutical products are those products that are derived from food resources with extra health benefits.
  • These products promote general well-being, prevent malignant processes, and control symptoms.
  • The term nutraceutical is formed by two-terms nutrient means a nourishing food component and pharmaceutical means a medical drug.
  • In our country India, there is a 25% hike in the demand for nutritional foods.
  • More than 60% of the population makes use of dietary and nutritional supplements for their health performance.
  • For the purpose of meeting the enhancing demand for these products there are diverse manufacturing companies that manufacture these products under the brand name of the companies.
  • The increasing demand for these products gives rise to third-party and contract manufacturing in our country.
If you are on the look for the best nutraceutical manufacturing company in our country India then you have come to the right place.

Top Nutraceutical Manufacturers: What to Look While Navigating For Them?

While being on the look for the top manufacturing companies of these products, you must have a look at a few things. Mentioned below are all the points that you need to look at:

  • Certification from ISO: That particular company must have certification for manufacturing herbal products by ISO.
  • GMP & WHO Certification: Company should also have WHO & GMP Certification.
  • DGCI Approved Products: DGCI approval must be given to all the products of that company.
  • Good Reputation: That company needs to have a good reputation in the market as well as amongst clients.
  • Trustworthy Products: All the products are best in quality and trustworthiness.

Healthscot: Top Nutraceutical Manufacturers in India

  • Healthscot is a specialized producer and manufacturer of nutraceutical products in all over India.
  • We are even famous as a nutraceutical trader, supplier, and distributor all across India.
  • Our staff works very hard to offer supreme quality of products to our clients.
  • Our company begun with a vision to become the leading national herbal healthcare company all over the nation.
  • From the hard work of so many years, we now manufacture 100+ herbal healthcare products in our unit.
  • At Healthscot you are bound to get the best quality products at an affordable range. Side by side we are offering third party and contract manufacturing in a wide range of herbal care products.
  • Our company is even offering PCD franchise opportunity in order to begin your own business.
  • We hold the best reputation for trust and dependability.
So what are you waiting for? Join hands with Healthscot now.

Quality Precautions Taken from our End to Ensure Safe Manufacturing

  • Our company expresses concerns regarding the quality of the medications.
  • Healthscot obeys stern quality measurements for assuring that there should be no compromise with the effectiveness of the product.
  • Our manufacturing team and professionals are issued rigid instructions by the Quality Management team for giving special attention to each manufacturing step.
  • The main aim of our company is to match international quality standards that are guided by the WHO and GMP.
  • We manufacture to cope with the customer’s demands, so it becomes more imperative to deliver a good and healthy product.

We adopt the following procedure for coping up with quality standards of manufacturing:

  • All the purchased raw material and other chemical formulations is obtained from a dependable vendor.
  • The experts’ team checks the product persistence at various parameters.
  • The team of Quality Management personally checks each product before dispatching.

What Makes Healthscot the Best for the Third Party Manufacturing for Nutraceutical Medicine?

  • When it comes to fitness and health, nobody wants to risk their lives. For the customers, it becomes very much imperative to go for a good brand for themselves.
  • That is why we hold our pride to say that we are the best manufacturers of nutraceutical medications.
  • Our company is very much conservative about the quality of the product and its productivity.

Mentioned below are the diverse aspects that distinguish us, in terms of our manufacturing services from others:

  • Our company is an ISO certified pharmaceutical company that is dealing in nutraceutical manufacturing.
  • The company Healthscot is having GMP-WHO certified manufacturing units.
  • All the products as well as stock prepared by us have been approved by the DCGI & FSSAI.
  • Our manufacturing services have earned the best reputation in the market which makes it more renowned.
  • All the products delivered by us in the marketplace are the best in terms of quality and are highly trustworthy.

Scope Perspective of Nutraceutical Medicines in the Pharmaceutical Sector

  • There is a balanced growth of Nutraceutical medicines in the pharmaceutical sector market.
  • It has been recorded that the Nutrasceutical products have reached in billions recently and are expected to further rise in the forthcoming years with a CAGR of 7.04%.
  • All this is due to the steep depreciation in the quality of food producs that is lacking in vitamins and minerals.
  • The Nutraceutical market has a substantial scope of growth globally subject to an enhancement in demand.
  • People are battling with disorders as all junk food is unhygienic lacking the protein, minerals, and vitamins.
  • Even nowadays, old age people are requiring these nutritional supplements.
  • The nutritional supplements are advantageous for the human heart as well as the whole body.

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